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SSi proudly supports our youth in their athletic ambitions. Team work, pride and opportunities to showcase their talents provide the youth of today with critical skills that will last a life time.

We are also a proud supporter of many non profit groups in the North. We deliver a wide range of services to these organizations, including broadband internet, web hosting, live video streaming & hotspots.

In the News

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SSi Micro applauds Canada’s new program SSI-2016-12-15.pdf
Hope and Concern for Telecoms Competition … NR-2016-11-15.pdf
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Telecom expands throughout territory NNSL-2015-09-26.pdf
SSi Announces $75 Million Investment into Nunavut’s Broadband Future AJ-2015-09-23.pdf
SSi Micro struggling to uphold its position in the territory NNSL-2015-08-12.pdf
SSi Micro lands web bid NNSL-2015-07-13.pdf
Ottawa funding preserves internet for 25 Nunavut communities NQ-2015-07-08.pdf
SSi Micro Wins Big $35 Million From Feds EYK-2015-07-07.pdf
SSI Micro teams up with Inuit org on new radio service NQ-2015-06-18.pdf
Online Scammers Target Qiniq Users in Western Nunavut NQ-2015-06-15.pdf
Telesat under CRTC investigation NNSL-2015-04-20.pdf
CRTC to review Nunavut, N.W.T., Yukon satellite internet pricing CBC-2015-04-14.pdf
CRTC cuts data rates YK-2015-03-11.pdf
Northwestel rival calls foul NNSL-2014-11-11.pdf
Technology ‘puts Inuit in driver’s seat’ NNSL-2014-04-12.pdf
Connecting with northern students LON-2014-04-09.pdf
A Digital Bridge For Connecting Canada’s North ITC-2014-04-07.pdf
Internet service competition heats up … NJ-2014-03-10.pdf
Faster Internet promised NNSL-2014-02-14.pdf
Federal budget a technological snoozer, but a few changes worth noting CDNB-2014-02-12.pdf
CRTC settles competition battle YK-2013-02-27.pdf
SSI Micro scoffs at Northwestel’s modernization plan NQ-2013-02-08.pdf
It’s time for movement on Arctic telecoms NQ-2012-10-25.pdf
Telecommunications companies in North battle over public cash CBC-2012-07-30.pdf
NorthwesTel plan slammed NNSL-2012-07-25.pdf
Competitor offers ‘reality check’ on Northwestel’s modernization plan Cartt-2012-07-24.pdf
BCE’s northern rivals slam telecom modernization plan GM-2012-07-09.pdf
SSi Micro looking to customers to put pressure on NorthwesTel HQY-2012-02-23.pdf
SSI Micro rallies customer support NNSL-2012-02-22.pdf
Internet speeds to triple at schools NNSL-2012-02-20.pdf
The North’s Toll Highway CBC-2012-02-10.pdf
Justify pricing, CRTC says NNSL-2012-01-11.pdf
CRTC kills Northwestel’s monopoly YN-2011-12-16.pdf
CRTC opens up telecom competition in the north ITW-2011-12-15.pdf
CRTC opens North to local phone competition WStar-2011-12-14.pdf
Competition makes NorthwesTel Irrelevant GL-2011-12-14.pdf
NorthwesTel loses monopoly on phone service in the north HQY-2011-12-14.pdf
CRTC allows local phone service competition in the North NQ-2011-12-14.pdf
Jeff Philipp, SSI Micro PK-2011-12-01.pdf
SSi Micro Seeks to Offer Local Phone Service CBC-2011-10-14.pdf
Satellite Malfunction Shuts Down Communications Across Territory NQ-2011-10-06.pdf
Service Being Restored After Satellite Outage Disrupts … GM-2011-10-06.pdf
CRTC to Open Hearing on Northern Phone Rates ITW-2011-10-03.pdf
SSi Micro Vs. Goliath UH-2011-09-28.pdf
CRTC Considers Northern Phone Competition HQY-2011-09-26.pdf
CRTC to Rule on SSi Complaint Against NorthwestTel HQY-2011-09-23.pdf
CRTC Reviews Telecommunications Competition Rules NNSL-2011-09-05.pdf
NorthwestTel Says Competition Would Drive Up Northerners … CBC-2011-10-18.pdf
SSi Micro Accuses Northwestel of Discriminatory Pricing NNSL-2011-07-27.pdf
The North’s Digital Leaders UH-2011-02.pdf
Up Here Business’ 3rd Annual List … UH-2010-12-03.pdf
For some, Internet Defines Freedom ADN-2010-10-14.pdf
Internet File Sharing NNSL-2010-09-24.pdf
Investments in broadband infrastructure allow for exclusive … LQ-2009-12-03.pdf
SSi buys Kanata property, building new satellite antenna OBJ-2009-09-09.pdf
Internet or Internot? UH-2009-09-09.pdf
SSi Wins Web Contract NNSL-2009-08-26.pdf
Building The Arctic GM-2009-08-16.pdf
SSI Micro Improve Bandwidth Utilization SND-2008-10-17.pdf
SSI Micro Network Upgrade OBJ-2008-10-16.pdf
SSi Micro 2008 Web Award PR-2008-09-16.pdf
Broadband Expansion PR-2008-08-30.pdf
Feds Pump Money into Northern Internet service CBC-2008-08-29.pdf
Northerners to Benefit from Better Internet NB-2008-08-29.pdf
Broadband Entrepreneur bridges the Arctic Wilderness OBJ-2007-05-07.pdf
Internet Providers network in Yellowknife NNSL-2007-03-12.pdf
North experiencing quiet tech revolution BE-2007-03-06.pdf
NWT Goes Broadband NNSL-2007-02-09.pdf
Network Launched in South Pacific PR-2006-11-22.pdf
Kiribati OBJ-2006-10-05.pdf
Computer Broadband Deal signed PR-2005-01-03.pdf
Broadband wireless internet a boost for Iqaluit PR-2004-02-25.pdf
Wireless Broadband Creeps North PR-2004-02-16.pdf
New Internet Service, a First in Canada TS-2004-02-13.pdf
NextNet Supplies Inukshuk U-2004-02-13.pdf
Yellowknife firm launching new Internet service GM-2004-02-12.pdf
Yellowknife computer company in Africa NSSL-2004-01-28.pdf
SSI Micro delivers satellite internet to Canada PR-2002-04-24.pdf
SSI Micro Delivers Turbo-Charged Internet over Satellite PR-2002-04-23.pdf
Computer firm moving on PR-2000-12-08.pdf
Arctic Logic makes sense NNSL-1999-04-12.pdf
SSI Micro prepares librarians for new … PR-1999-03-26.pdf
Deh Cho goes on-line PR-1999-02-15.pdf
Call of the Wired Wired-1997-11-05.pdf
I-Pass Expands ‘Roaming’ Net Access Wired-1997-04-18.pdf
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Press Release: Kitikmeot Radio Network (KRN) PR-2016-07-12.pdf
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SSi Wins Customer Service Award of Excellence SSi-2014-10-27.pdf
SSi Broadband: Fighting for more usage, lower cost, greater choice. PR-2014-03-04.pdf
SSi applauds federal budget PR-2014-02-12.pdf
Making it Right: SSi responds to the CRTC decision on Northwestel … PR-2013-02-25.pdf
Neither modern nor holistic: SSi intervention to the CRTC’s holistic … PR-2013-02-06.pdf
SSi responds to Northwestel’s “modernization” plan PR-2012-07-23.pdf
An open letter to all northern internet users PR-2012-03-08.pdf
CRTC Rules in Favour of Choice and Innovation for Canada’s North PR-2011-12-14.pdf
SSi Family Day PR-2010-02-11.pdf
Investments in broadband infrastructure allow for inclusive … PR-2009-12-03.pdf
2008 Web Award PR-2008-09-161.pdf
SSI Micro successfully completes Phase I of National Voice … PR-2006-10-26.pdf
SSI Micro works alongside South Pacific Telco … PR-2006-10-05.pdf
Tragic Accident in Enterprise, NT PR-2005-10-28.pdf
For ‘Affordable Wireless Underserved’ 2005 Award PR-2005-01-05.pdf
SSI Micro Launches New Portal Site PR2-2002-10-05.pdf
SSI Micro is pleased to announce the launch of the SSI Portal PR-2002-10-05.pdf
SSI Micro Delivers Turbo-Charged internet over Satellite PR-2002-04-231.pdf
SSI Micro is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement … PR-2001-01-28.pdf